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SkyRC ITP380 Infrared Thermometer is a must-have for RC hobbyists to track temperatures.

Now you can take temperature measurement at a safe distance with SkyRC ITP380. RC hobbyists will never get burned or air blowing in your face from the RC vehicles, engines, motors, chargers, etc., while taking measurements.
You can trust SkyRC ITP380 to get accurate temperature readings from a safe distance, wherever indoor or outdoor.
SkyRC has engineered the ITP380 temperature measuring with accuracy down to the 0.1 °F and the object temperatures ranging from -40°F (-40°C) to 716°F (380°C).

µm Accuracy
Compared to its predecessor, SkyRC deploys a classic TO-46 housing thermopile sensor. The thermopile sensing element, composed of 116 elements of small thermocouples with an active area of diameter 545 µm on a silicon chip, absorb the energy and produce an output signal. It provides nearly Johnson-noise-limited performance, which can be calculated by its ohmic series resistance.

Distance-to-Spot Ratio 6:1
Every infrared thermometer has a “distance-to-spot” (D:S) ratio that tells you the diameter of the area being measured compared to the distance from the target.
The 380P thermometer has a distance-to-spot ratio of 6:1. That means it measures an approximately one-inch-diameter spot when it’s 6 inches from the target (about 2.5 cm at 30 cm).
It means ITP380 thermometer can accurately measure targets at greater distances compared to many other thermometers;
Distance-to-spot ratio is crucial to measuring! So be sure to measure at this D:S ratio.

Quick and Accurate Readings
Point, aim, tap: three steps to get accurate readings on the go within 1 second.

Easily Selectable
Between Fahrenheit and Celsius
To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, simply press the UNIT button. The value will be converted instantly, thanks to the pre-programmed algorithm.

Low-battery Indication Auto-power Off
The thermometer display will indicate whenever low on battery. It will automatically power off after inactivity of 60 seconds.
Battery life is extended!

Compact Design
The ultra-compact design lets you slip it in your pocket, you can take it everywhere.

Impressive Stunning VA Display
The VA invert display enables super-high static contrast ratios for impressive stunning visioning. Indoor or outdoor, you will get clear data reading from any angle.

Versatile for The Hobby, Craft and Household
Note: ITP380 thermometer is not intended for human body temperature measurement, neither for the animal.

Four Measuring Modes
Quick Mode/Scan Mode/Maximum Mode/Minimum Mode

Multiple Emissivity Coefficients
The emissivity coefficient indicates the radiation of heat. For some products, the emissivity coefficients varies with the temperature.
As a professional infrared thermometer, SkyRC ITP380 can be adjusted for different emissivity coefficients depending on the material to achieve the best measurement.

NIST Traceable Calibration
NIST traceable calibration certifies that the lab or manufacturer in question is equipped and able to calibrate equipment to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards and that products by that manufacturer match NIST-maintained measurement standards. With NIST traceable calibration, any measurements taken with a certified instrument have an unbroken chain of measurement leading back to NIST-maintained standards with known and documented uncertainties for each step in the chain and a quality assurance program in place to address them.
We not only ship products, but we’re also delivering trust!

Beep Signals for Every Operation And Can Be Silenced


Size and Weight
Dimension: 121x40x39.6mm
Weight: 75g

Other Parameters
Operation Voltage: AAA battery X 2
Operation Current: =40ma@3.0V
Operation Temperature: 0-50?
Current Drain: =25ua@3V
-40degC-0degC +/-1.5degC
0degC-380degC +/-1.5degC
-40degF~32? / ±3degF
32degF~716degF / ±3degF
Adjustable Range for Infrared Emission Frequency: 0.01-1