JConcept Triple Dees Green Compound 8th JC3132-02


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JConcept Triple Dees Green Compound 8th 3132-02

Triple Dees were a fresh design from the ground-up.
Center bar structure is important for wear characteristics and an overlapping and blended center bar was created.

The bar draws up the side of the pin to maintain all important support but the main stance is low so the tire maintains its clean-out ability during acceleration.  The mainstay of the design is the angled and sharp pins which spread across the carcass in an open pattern touching off the track surface like no-other.  Near the sidewall the pins have been trimmed and angled to give racers a smooth driving experience as they enter and exit tacky turns or slightly rough terrain.

The inside of the carcass includes a standardized triple radial rib design which helps control expansion during high-speed runs.  Available in grippy compounds such has blue, green and black

The Triple Dees include Dirt-Tech inserts, durable nature and gray color

Available in various compounds – Black and Green from us